Adventure With The Saint Episode N°30

Adventure With The Saint Episode N°30: L'organizzazione ringrazia, firmato il Santo Live dangerously listen to rock'n'roll and go where the...

Adventure With The Saint Episode N°30

L’organizzazione ringrazia, firmato il Santo

Live dangerously listen to rock’n’roll and go where the Saint takes you

1) Duane Eddy – Ramrod (21 Greatest Guitar Hits, 1979)
2) Small Jackets – Dancing with the Monster (Cheap Tequila, 2009)
3) I Mitomani Beat – Lei mi ama e non lo sa (Figli dei figli dei fiori, 2019)
4) The Spots – Summertime Punk (Chel-sea 7″,2019)
5) Lester Greenowski – Until Wrong Turned Right (Out of Time, Out of Key, 2019)
6) Jesus Franco & the Drogas – Blast-o-rama (No(w) future, 2019)
7) Beechwood – Boy Before (Inside the Flesh Hotel, 2018)
8) Tigers in Furs – Ciro (S/t 7″, 2018)
9) Moms i’d Like to Surf – No Surf Today ( The sea has gone away) (Beach Control to Major Knob, 2018)
10) The Gentlemens – John Q Public Blues (Triage, 2019)
11) The Kaams – My Destiny (Kick It, 2019)
12) The Voodoo Dolls – She Won’t Sleep Well Tonight (Not for Sale, 1993)
13) Reverend Beat-Man and Izobel Garcia – Come Back Lord (Baile Bruja Muerte, 2018)
14) I Rudi – Disperata (Fuori Tempo Massimo, 2019)
15) Mad Rollers – Frenk (S/t 7″, 2019)
16) Porco Rosso – Novità (Kuro Fune, 2018)
17) Boogie Spiders – Love in the O Meridian (Fuzz Your Soul, 2012)
18) The Piaggio Soul Combination – Teen Life (This is the Piaggio Soul Combination, 2019)
19) The Rock’n’roll Kamikazes – Ice Cold Beer (Campari & Toothpaste, 2019)
20) Fuhlam Furies – These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ (VV.AA. – Kick Off! 18 Soccer Stompers from the 70’s, 2016)
21) The Kinn-Ocks – R’n’r Gluten (Again, 2019)
22) Hoodoo Gurus – Come Anytime ( Magnum Cum Louder, 1989)
23) The Dick Dastardly’s – All My Friends (VV.AA. – Adriatic Ghost Sounds vol.1, 2019)

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