Adventure with the Saint Episode n°15 – The Persistent patriots

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Start the new year and tip back the trio of wonders: The Saint, Lady Barracuda and Doctor Black.
This adventure will be usual full of suspence,intrigue and rock’n’roll!

1. Destroy All Monsters – November 22,1963 (Hot Box 1974-1994, 2014)
2. Sonic Daze – Come Back Tomorrow (First Coming, 2013)
3. Duffy – Come Back, Come Back (V/A Beyond The Calico Wall: Rare And Unrealesed 60’s Classics, 1996)
4. Lester Greenwoski – Pussy Galore (It’s Nothing Serious, Just Life, 2014)
5. The Glass Family – House Of Glass (Electric Band, 1969)
6. Action Swingers – Bum My Trip (Quit While You’re Ahead, 1994)
7. The Cleopatras – Luigi, Luigi (La Maledizione Del Faraone,2014)
8. The Innovation – Heartaches And Heartaches (V/A Victims Of Circumstances vol.1, 1989)
9. Bom Pro – Quaglia Innamorata (Autobus n°7, 2014)
10. Le Muffe – Demonio (Penna, Tornio e Salame,2014)
11. The Unclaimed – The Sorrow (The Unclaimed, 1980)
12. The Secret Tape – I Got You (The Secret Tape ep, 2014)
13. The Kaams – Don’t Tell Me Lies (One To Six, 2014)
14. The Chesterfield Kings – Up And Down (Psychedelic Sunrise, 2007)
15. Wide Hips 69 – I Needed You (Menopause, 2014)
16. The Abstrack Sound – You’re Gonna Break My Heart (V/A Psychotic Reactions Top 40 Hits From The Alternative Universe, 1991)
17. Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos – Never Been In England (Deep Breath,2014)
18. Senzabenza – Cretin Hop (V/A 1,2,3,4 I Cretini Saltano Ancora, 2014)

Adventure with the Saint Episode n°15 – The Persistent patriots by In Your Eyes Ezine on Mixcloud

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