Adventure With The Saint Episode n°16

Adventure With The Saint Episode n°16 1 - fanzine

Adventure With The Saint Episode n°16

The Fast Woman, The Saint, Lady Barracuda and The Doctor Black: champions of justice or adventureres?
The answer in this episode!

1) Crime – Rockin’weird (Crime 7×7″ box set,2015)
2) Les fleurs du Lys – Moondreams (reflections,1996)
3) Latte+ – I wanna be like Steve McQueen (No more than three chords,2014)
4) Out of Time – Take my time (Stories we can tell & more,2015)
5) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Betty vs NYPD (Freedom tower-No wave dance party 2015,2015)
6) Goliath & ses Philistins – Le joeux geant vert (V/A – Ils sont fous ces galuois,1997)
7) Dyna Jets – You know it’s not easy (She’s magnetic,2015)
8) The Mads – What i need (Double a sigle single,2015)
9) The Satelliters – I’m crawling (V/A – Invasion of insectoids,1997)
10) Topdrop – Theme from Topdrop (Theme from Topdrop/Twilignt zone 7″,2014)
11) Bee Bee Sea – Y Stripes (S/T,2015)
12) Arthur Brown – Spontaneous apple creation (The crazy world of A.B.,1968)
13) Faz Waltz – Working class teacher (Move over,2014)
14) Pat Pend – Ciao fastidio (La fine del 2014,2014)
15) The Nocturnals – Detroit (V/A – Boulders nine,1984)
16) Idol Lips – Down by L.U.V. (Scene repulisti,2011)
17) Boohoos – Oh you mandrax (Here comes the hoo (1986-’87),2008)
18) The Thunderbeats – All your love final (The fabolous Thundebeats 7″,2015)
19) The Outsiders – She’s coming on stronger (V/A- Back from the grave vol.2,1983)
20) The Voice – The train to disaster (V/A – Garage rock hits,2011)
21) Tyrannosaurus Rex – The sea beasts (Unicorn,1969)

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    Ottima musica….come sempre!!!

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