Bang Bang Band Girl is the one-lady project impersonated by chilean born (now living in the Netherlands) multi-instrumentalist, disc jockey and radio speaker Sheri Corleone, who finally got to cut and release her first long playing (named with an endless title) using this moniker.


Sheri gave birth to her first full length as BBBG in the first half of past december, one of the last fuzzed out rock ‘n’ roll bombs coming out in the final weeks of 2022, thanks to the mighty Reverend Beat-Man and the blasting R’N’R gang who runs Voodoo Rhythm Records, the swiss label drenched in garage punk, rockabilly, lo-fi trash rock ‘n’ roll (and other raw and dirty sounds) which described this record as “one lady LO-FI Space Rock’ n’ Roll and the album cover itself is warning you about this stuff that’s “For INSANE people only” but invites your ears and mind to enojy this journey through the “wild and weird world of the one lady band and her trip to Hell and back“. Are your souls rotten and damned enough to hold it?


“Super Duper” has been cut and produced between Peru and the Netherlands, and it features ten cover songs telling us about the great taste in the musical inspirations that drive our globetrotter girl (or we’d better call her “One Lady Rock ‘N’ Roll Orchestra“) who fed her sonic soul in a world made by electric guitars, bass drum, minimalism, blues, rockabilly, doo-wop, r&b, punk, electronic stuff, B-movies, horror and sci-fi universe, trash imaginary and aesthetics, Bettie Page, and Cramps‘ lustful muse Poison Ivy, evil witches, vampires, latex, Frankenstein, Ed Wood, Russ Meyer, David Lynch and George Romero’s zombies. A scary and kitsch jukebox needing your bloody coin to light up with chewing and twisting many minor hits of the last sixty years (upsetting them with the alien sounds of the oscillators) and some evergreen tunes shaped in the Bang Bang Bang Girl style, characterised by her mesmerising voice, so warm, seductive but dangerous and menacing at the same time, like a femme fatale‘s bewitchment, killing her lovers after attracting them in her love trap.


The twisted Sybil’s cave pays tribute to the Troggs, reworking their all time classic “Wild Thing“; pays homage to the queen of rockabilly Wanda Jackson in “Funnel of (Trash) love“, resurrects her colleague one-man band and outsider music pioneer Hasil Adkins in “No more hot dogs“, wears Nancy Sinatra‘s threatening boots in “Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)” and obviously she could not miss this song which gave name to her moniker; then she rocks the hell out of Lemmy‘s beer ‘n’ roll number “The watcher” from Motörhead  first s/t album; enters the Olympus of songwriters revisiting Leiber & Stoller’s penned “Up on the roof” (originally sung by The Drifters) and shakes the primordial rockabilly “Blue Moon Baby” by Dave “Diddle” Day (adorned by Walter Daniels‘ saxophone) not before re-echoing our beloved Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers in the cover version of “All by myself“. The ghost of Elvis Presley flies high to bless our spirits in “Heartbreak hotel” (featuring peruvian artist Veronik playing theremin) pairing with Lux Interior’s shadow in a noisy remake of “Call of the Wighat“. In the middle of this voodoo ritual performing fuzz guitars, reverbs, feedbacks and malicious stomps, two new original songs take place here: the cigarettes and alcohol soaked blues “Trulo-V” and the drugged up surf “The hand“.


Super Duperweeps a muddy sound infested by serial killers, disentombed animals from indian cemeteries, radioactively mutated giant insects and black lodges, and it’s “hallowed” by Reverend Zeller, who is an endorsement for (low) quality. The bloody minded jukebox will keep on playing these Gravest Hits if you will satisfy its thirst with your blood, because the real music which is considered to be true rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be something exciting that drives people ape, freakness and bad-hearted energy, a menace for the authority, it’s the devil music so it sparks off fear and repulsion in the ordinary people, so stay away from the fire of these grooves, you Church bigot religious assholes! All monsters hop.




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