Adventure With The Saint Episode 34 – The Covetous Headsman

Adventure With The Saint Episode 34 – The Covetous Headsman

Adventure with the Saint Episode 34 – The Covetous Headsman
The Saint is back. This episode is dedicated in memory of Phil May, Rip and thanks for all

1) The Pretty Things – Big City (S/t, 1965)
2) Calibro 35 – Uh Ah Brrr (Any resemblance to real persons or actual facts is purely coincidental, 2013)
3) Dead Jack and his Dry Bones – It’s a beautiful day for a Barbeque (Telephone Call from Hell, 2020)
4) Weezer – No One Else (S/t, 1994)
5) Wasted Pido – Snake Woman (Ghost revenge, 2020)
6) Lisa Beat e i Bugiardi – Inutile Piangere (Dal tramonto all’Alba 7″, 2020)
7) Twiddle Thumbs – Sbrang! (S/t 7″, 2020)
8) Vulvona Thompson & the Cheap Sick – Satan (Only on Area Pirata’s bandcamp, 2020)
9) Baby Jesus – Who Are You (Words of Hate, 2020)
10) Tigers in Furs – Elvio (T.i.f. II, 2020)
11) Rainbow Bridge – I’m just a Man (Neverending Trip, 2019)
12) Monos – The Snake (Peep-show, 2020)
13) The Blues Against Youth – Injectors (Live at Henry’s Blueshouse, 2020)
14) Aborted Tortoise – Plastic Orgasm (Scale Model Substitence Vendor 7″, 2020)
15) Babyscreamers – Tomorrow (Yess, this is! 7″, 2020)
16) The Kinn-Ocks – 8 Bit Love (Resurrection, 2020)
17) The Smoking Bones – Burning Love (Down to the High 7″, 2020)
18) Secret Affair – Do You Know (Time for Action, the very best of…, 1997)
19) Casalingam – Drogo+ (S/t Ep, 2020)
20) Riccobellis – Murder on Avenue A (Battlestar Gallactica, 2020)

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