Adventure With The Saint Episode n°22 Interlude in Venice

Adventure With The Saint Episode n°22  Interlude in Venice 1 - fanzine

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I’m the Saint and my mission is to fight the boring and pretentious music for the triumph of rock’n’roll and this time certainly will succeed
1) The Morlocks – Time To Move (S/T 7″,2016)
2) Monaci Del Surf – California Dreamin’ (III,2016)
3) Donald Thompson – Sell Your Soul (III,2016)
4) Big Mountain County – Brain Machine (Anarchronicle,2016)
5) The Last Killers – Fresh And Proud (Violent Years,2010)
6) Tomy & The Cougars – Blowjob (This Is Porn,2015)
7) The Bidons – Backdoor Man (Clamarama,2016)
8) Temporal Sluts – MSP (Modern Slavery Protocol,2016)
9) The Link Quartet – La Moto (Quattro Pezzi Facili 7″,2016)
10) El Trio Los Bastardos – Too Small Too Fast (Psycho-abused,2015)
11) Scoposki – Fire’n’ice (Wild Wave,2016)
12) Lucyfer Sam – Moon Of The Undead (S/T,2016)
13) Faz Waltz – Teenage Freaks (Callin’Loud,2016)
14) Magnolia Caboose Babyshit – Voodoozone (S/T,2015)
15) Lester Greenwoski – Autobahn (Italian Jobs 7″,2016)
16) Dome La Murte And The Diggers – Mary Jane Boogie (Diggersonz,2010)
17) Night Men – Beach Party (Fiftenn Inches Of Pain,2016)
18) Deathwood – Freak Family (…And If It Where True,2016)
19) Atomic Suplex – White Shoes (Fourteen Inches Of Fist,2015)
20) Blackboard Jungle – Drug Teenage Dealer (Silver Drops On Jesus’Skull (and more) 1986/1989,2016)

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