Adventure with the Saint episode n 20 To kill a Saint

Adventure with the Saint episode n 20  To kill a Saint 1 - fanzine

Adventure with the Saint episode n 20 To kill a Saint

They want to kill the Saint?
But they will not succeed because with the help of trusted Emma Bowery and Marco Repetto he is afraid of anything.
Are you ready to live with them a new adventure full of pathos,suspence and rock’n’roll?

1) Little Joe Washington – Bossanova and grits (V/A-Hipshakers vol.4,2015)
2) Archie and the Bunkers – Miss Taylor (S/t,2015)
3) Camilla e i Bugiardi – Non ho dormito mai (Fbt contest,2013)
4) Datura 4 – You ain’t no friend (Demon blues,2015)
5) Moms i’d like to surf – Surf blast inferno (Surf cops are watching you,2015)
6) Thee Eyes – Die to start over (Glorifield magpies on a mission to Mars,2003)
7) The Prosonics – Betrayed (Urban jungle,2015)
8) Rotten mind – Damaged state of mind (I’m alone even with you,2015)
9) Krzyszton Klenczon & trzy Korony – Spotkanie z diablem (S/t,1971)
10) King Mastino – Psychowhale (Sail away,2015)
11) Les Agamemnonz – Marathon (De A à Z,2015)
12) R’n’r terrorists – I don’t care (Digital paranoia,2015)
13) The Routes – Day and night (Skeletons,2015)
14) The Superslots terrible smashers – Lickin’ears (On the next album out 2016)
15) The Ding-dongs – This car (Rag tang,2013)
16) The Dahmers – I’m going insane (Demons,2015)
17) The Gentlemens – Cry lover (Less said,the better,2013)
18) The Cockroaches – For my baby (Stomp around the tombs,2014)
19) The Barsexuals – Dead dog (S/t,2010)
20) I Rudi – Melanie (Nient’altro che routine,2015)
21) Trigemino – Dirty Larry (In sound we trust,2015)


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  • Avatar
    Joe Nitroglycerine STS Swindle
    Posted at 20:41h, 24 Dicembre Rispondi

    Grande Santo! Grazie a nome di tutti i Superslots Terrible Smashers e leccate di orecchie per tutti!

  • Avatar
    Joe Sdrummer
    Posted at 19:18h, 04 Settembre Rispondi

    Che figata essere in compagnia di King Mastino e gli altri!! R’n’r!!!!!!!!!!!

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