billy childish

why don’t call yourself an artist? I read that you prefer to be called an amateur? I’m an amateur because I don’t want to turn what I like to do, or love, into work. how is important for you to be totally indie? It’s important for me, independent mean choosing when, what, how, you play, … Leggi tutto “billy childish”

autocad – thomas park

how can you define fractal/dance breakbeat? Fractal / Break-Beat, as I see it, involves fractally- or logarithmically- generated melodies and harmonies, with phrases of 2 to 4 measures that break the beat into recognizeable phrases. when did you start as autocad/pantheist audio? In 1999, when I purchased a inexpensive PC and some music software. That … Leggi tutto “autocad – thomas park”


-chi siete? da dove venite? (un fiorino…) c’é una canzone degli slint che ogni volta che l’ascolto mi rende triste. non so se questa può andare bene come inizio, ma é l’unica cosa che mi viene in mente in questo momento. questa canzone é washer e l’album é quello dove sono a fare il bagno … Leggi tutto “Altro”