Adventure with the Saint Episode n°21 The Counterfeit Countess


Adventure with the Saint Episode n°21 The Counterfeit Countess

Adventure with the Saint Episode n°21  The Counterfeit Countess

Nothing and no one stops the dynamic trio The Saint, Lady Barracuda and Lord Sinclair. The new adventure is as usual the maximum of style.
1) The Konrads – Baby It’s Too Late Now (S/t 7″,1965)
2) Human Race – Human Race (S/t 7″,2015)
3) Diabolico Coupé – Donnie the Surfer (Little Carmine,2015)
4) The Suzards – Je Ne Veux Pas De Toi (Puor Votré Sante Ecoutez the Suzards,2015)
5) The Optic Nerve – Ain’t That A Man (V/A- Children of Nuggets-Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1995,2005)
6) EvilMrSod – It’s Alive! (Still Alive and Well,2015)
7) Vickie and the Vengents – Forever (You Used To Be My Baby,2015)
8) Platinum Boys – Born on the Bayou (Confessions 7″,2015)
9) The Dirty Rockets – The Devils Wife (Death or Fun,2015)
10) Gooch Palms – The Slide (Novo’s,2013)
11) Not Moving – Stupid Girl (Flash on You,1988)
12) White Pagoda – Long Tongues (Everything Explodes,2016)
13) Ethel Floon – Chug Life Blues (S/t,2015)
14) So What – What You Do To Me (S/t 7″,2014)
15) TopDrop – HotRod (Unreleased track,2016)
16) The Female Troubles – This Time (Fifteen Minutes of Shame,2013)
17) The Mads – I Can’t Let Go (The Mads a Go-Go,2015)
18) Diplomatics – When I Was Born (Don’t Be Scared,Here Are The Diplomatics,2014)
19) Juvie – Something Ain’t Right (You Ain’t Gonna Rock’n’Roll No More,2015)
20) Double Cheese – I Hate The Sixties (S/t 7″,2016)
21) Saturday’s Heroes – Break my Bones (Hometown Saturday,2015)

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