Adventure With The Saint Episode N° 26 Legacy For The Saint

Adventure With The Saint Episode N° 26 Legacy For The Saint

Adventure with the Saint episode n° 26 Legacy for the Saint
The Saint is like rock’n’roll will never die

1) Dirty Fences – 911 (Goodbye Love, 2017)
2) Black Gremlin – Parma Rock City (The fun is over, 2017)
3) Mick Farren – I Want A Drink (Vampire Stole My Lunch Money, 1978)
4) Fill Spectre – Sex (Scare Your Friends, 2012)
5) Trip Takers – Don’t Care About Them (S/t Ep, 2017)
6) The Routes – Dysphoria (Dirty Needles and Pins, 2017)
7) A Morning Loss – Anthem (Mazes, 2017)
8) The Darts – Me, Ow (The Cat’s Meow, 2017)
9) Laure Palmer – Amoureux d’une Affiche (AA.VV.- Ultra Chicks files in the garage vol.1, 1998)
10) Ratbones – Think About You (The Pop Experience 7″, 2017)
11) Escobar – Brain Out (The Biggest Sound, 2017)
12) Wide Hips 69 – Parrot Man (The Gang Bang Theory, 2017)
13) The Mystrys – Witch Girl (AA.VV. – Halloween Nuggets-Monster sixties a go-go, 2014)
14) Cockroaches – Bolle (Rest in Pieces, 2017)
15) Baronen & Satan – Lady Creature (Satan is a Lady, 2017)
16) The Nuclears – Uranus Call (S/t 7″, 2017)
17) The Classmates – Livin’On (Between the Lines, 2017)
18) Bruno Nicolai canta Maria Traversi – I Want It All (AA.VV- Women in Lounge vol.2, 2005)
19) Wah ’77 – Live Fast (Life Is Short 7″, 2017)
20) Bee Bee Sea – I Shouted (Sonic Boomerang, 2017)
21) Los Infartos – Money (Another Face 7″, 2016)
22) The Pale Flowers – Spit On The Trends ( S/t, 2013)

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