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Myles Sanko

Myles Sanko: Myles Sanko è uno dei più interessanti e dotati cantanti soul funky degli ultimi tempi, anche grazie ad una grande capac...

Myles Sanko

Myles Sanko è uno dei più interessanti e dotati cantanti soul funky degli ultimi tempi, anche grazie ad una grande capacita di composizione. Qui sotto ha risposto ad alcune nostre domande, e lo ha fatto con estrema sincerità.

Myles Sanko is on of the most interesting and talented soul funky singer in our times, qith a great talent for compostion.
Here below answered at some our questions with extreme sincerity.

Thanks to Myles Sanko e to Jade Parolini of WillWork4Funk Agency.

1) How did your musical career take form?

My musical career took form 9 years ago when I quit my job as a chef at the Cambridge University and decided to become a professional musician. In that time I worked with a few bands which helped me learn my craft before embarking on my solo project in 2012. Since then I’ve produced 3 albums under my name.

2) You truly began from the bottom to make your way up. What advice would you give a young musician who’s just starting out?

The best advice I can give is to truly believe in yourself and to be prepared to work very hard because if you don’t show to others that you mean business, then how will they take you seriously?

3) How do you define ‘style’?

Honestly my style is constantly evolving because that is what music should be about. You shouldn’t be a part of music, but music should be a part of who you are. If I had to give you something to go with, then I’d say my style is soulful music from the heart with a splash of jazz.

4) Where does “Just Being Me” come from creatively speaking?

Well I want to take my fans to a new and exciting place! ”Just Being Me” feels a lot more grown up, I wanted it to reflect the me of today, not yesterday. I tried to capture my musical journey from my youthful Hip-Hop beginnings through to my re-discovery of soul and now jazz. The main difference between this album and my previous ones is the production, I wanted to go for a classic jazz production, dramatic and cinematic, to help convey my message.

5) How do you manage to combine so many different genres in your music?

That is not intentional. I just do what feels right and try to enjoy the creative process as much as possible and hope the listeners understand my current thinking.

6) You have incredible melodies, what are your inspirations?

Thank you for the compliment. I draw inspiration from many things and many musicians of all kinds, I just document my feelings each day and turn them into song, whilst trying to do it in my own so called way. I actually feel that I am still finding my voice and maybe I will never really find it, but I’ll just keep doing my thing until then.

7) Future projects?
Well I plan on recording another 10 albums so watch this space.

Recensione Myles Sanko – Just Being Me

Recensione Myles Sanko – Forever Dreaming

Chris Read feat. Myles Sanko & The So Much Soul Players – The Magic Is Gone

Ed Meme feat Myles Sanko – Oh Yes I Will Remixes




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