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Recensione : Jezebel – Forbidden Fruit

Jezebel - Forbidden Fruit: "I live for ever, I have a chance. I have eternal Decadence." Are you ready to suffer unspeakable pain and pleasures? ...

Jezebel – Forbidden Fruit

“I live for ever, I have a chance.
I have eternal Decadence.”

Are you ready to suffer unspeakable pain and pleasures? Do you know your safeword? I welcome all you naughty dogs into my carnal domain. For with a whip in my hand, I present to you a very special album purred and sung by Great Britain’s own celluloid goddess Eileen Daly.

Jezebel was a solo project she started after shooting an amputee love scene in “Cradle of Fear,” a black metal blood feast which was directed by Alex Chandon and starred Dani Filth as a deranged serial killer. Other musicians who took part in the sweat-stained pop rock orgy that was Jezebel were Marvin Frost, Tom Callaghan, and Nigel Wingrove. Unleashed like a wild panther on March of 2007 by Triple Silence Records, “Forbidden Fruit” delivers a mixed bag of musical styles while juxtaposing explicit scenes of sex, violence, and drugs…all the fattening ingredients we gorge ourselves on in the world of horror cinema.

There are definitely alot of highlights a peeping tom can drool over. “Forbidden Fruit’s” opening number, “Queen of Darkness,” is a vampiric slice of heavy goth metal where the lovely Eileen lights some wax candles and plays a voluptuous demon temptress shackling men in the dungeon of her church of pain. The bass-throbbing “Kiss Kiss” is a hot and erotic exploration into sadomasochism. Escorting half-naked slaves across the room with dog collars and leather bondage masks, Eileen continues being the siren dominatrix in the sleazy jazz song “Brute is Cute,” which she had performed live in the Danish film “All About Anna.” “Rock Chick” is a starstruck 3 minutes worth of glamour junkie disco pop while the spoken word poem “Snow” stylishly depicts high-class cocaine addiction in a sea of slick and polished guitar riffs. “Garden of Love” is a disturbing crime of passion play where Eileen (adapting the role of a jealous ex) stabs her lover in the heart and buries his corpse beneath her daffodil bed. “Heroin” is a brain-numbing acoustic needle song about the dangers of chasing the dragon. And then there’s the electroclash bubble pop of “Plastic Surgery,” a very grisly but infectious vanity track that was revamped from an industrialized cosmetic version that now exists on the “Cradle of Fear” soundtrack (which in and of itself is a percussive plethora of techno-punk beats and coldwave instrumentals). “Lecter and Bundy” is a gruesome psycho-delic rock anthem about the media’s obsession with John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, and many other notorious mass murderers (if you listen to the background carefully, you can hear snippets of a T.V. interview with Charles Manson).

From what I can gather, the Jezebel group only lasted through the making of “Forbidden Fruit,” but fortunately Miss Daly hasn’t abandoned her love of music. While continuing to appear in movies like “Evil Calls: The Raven” and “Braincell,” she is now part of a swinging wicca band called The Courtesans.


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