Invasione Monobanda Vol 3

Invasione Monobanda Vol 3 1 - fanzine

Invasione Monobanda Vol 3

In your Eyes Zine & Dead Music Roma presentano:


Il selvaggio podcast di Freddie Koratella con 11 primitivi One Man Band

1: Dotted White Line – The Blues Against Youth
2: Walking Over Stones – Tongue Tied Twin
3: I’m Bounded – Hombre Lobo Internacional
4: LeadFoot Stomp – Leadfoot Tea
5: La Caramella è Amara -Steddie & the Buried Marilyns
6: Be My Girl – LowRanger
7: Clean Up The Truckers’ Shit – Grand Guru
8:Dirty Shoes – King Cayman
9: Demon in My Ass – Diego Dead Man Potron
10: HIGHWAY 51 – Billy James
11: Sida-Billy Joe

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Adventures With The Saint N°16 by In Your Eyes Ezine on Mixcloud

Freddie Koratella
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