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Recensione : Suspiria Records

Suspiria Records:

Suspiria Records

Suspiria Records is a young independent Metal label. Suspiria was founded in 2011, as part of the promoter Breaking Producións, with the intention of providing quality bands to the scene, bands that stand out for their youth and their great potential.

Suspiria has an extensive experience with concerts with bands like Obituary, Suidakra, Pestilence, The Agonist, D.R.I., Saratoga, Hamlet, etc. and have also organized the two excellent editions of Alternavigo with top bands (Cradle Of Filth, Gamma Ray, Dark Tranquillity, Amon Amarth, Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Overkill, Destruction, Dragonforce, UDO, etc.). The Breaking members decided to take one more step and found a committed and very active label.

We have a vast number of Spanish and international contacts. We would like our bands to be well known and be successful in the international stage. Suspiria Records can be found in the majority or the record stores in Spain (Tipo, Sun Records, Pentagram Music Store, Leyenda Rock) and in many international ones, as well as in the more relevant digital platforms.




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