Old Bicycle Records

Old Bicycle Records

Old Bicycle Records

Old Bicycle Records

Old Bicycle Records (a small label living in Piazzogna, Switzerland) it’s a five-year project. Born in 2011 to produce Mexico, the second full lenght by italian band Sparkle in Grey.
Grows through the time, initially with the Tape Crash Serie, a split project involving international bands and artists from Andrew Seal/Praying For Oblivion to Mike Cooper, form the Lay Llamas to my brother (Luca aka Soft Black Star) now going for the 12th and 13th episodes, out this year.
After a while some interesting proposals came, and we work together with artists and labels we apprecciate a lot, and to be searched by them make us really proud, so other works came, like Dannato by Futeisha, Burnout by Daniele Brusaschetto and Paolo Spaccamonti, Hexagon Garden by Melampus.
Last year we produced our first vinyl, fot the Silent Carnival full lenght, an invernal sound odissey. We have a wide artistic vision, from microsounds to noise, form acoustic guitars to wall of sounds, with all the good stuff stay in the moddle. I’m the only rider on the bicycle, so my taste it’s the only discrimination. I like, i have some money to invest, i do it.
My taste don’t stop with the music or don’t go to…when i contact two artists for a split, for exemple, i make it because i invest on the project. The music it’s just the result and happen to send some tapes pressing without to listen the sides. I was absolutely sure that the sounds it would be perfect on that.
And so is it.

That’s what we do in this years…most are sold out, but we are always working on something new (Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Cristiano Deison & Matteo Uggeri, Sparkle in Grey & Controlled Bleeding, Post Mortem/Stefan Christoff in the next times…).



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