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Dooweet was launched by Christophe SOUSA in March 15th 2012 following up two years of active work, with a simple ambition : allowing artists from the underground music scene, but also different actors of the Rock & Metal scene, to promote themselves at a lesser cost. Supported by many private sponsors (, La Caisse D’Epargne…), Dooweet is before all developped around the ethic and active passion of its members. From rock to black metal, everyone will be pleased.
We propose concrete projects allowing YOU to leave the promotion of your band/structure to professionals. These projects are under the form of album distribution, web promotion, promotion under the form of mix tapes… They are imagined and conceived by the team of Dooweet. We also listen to the desires/propositions given to us.

We have multiple goals : Allowing bands/actors of the rock & metal scene to promote themselves no matter what budget they may have, supporting projects we really like, converting new places to the rock & metal scene so that events can take place.

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