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Recensione : Corvo – Terroreyes The Demo

Corvo - Terroreyes The Demo: Upon pressing the play button and tasting the content of Corvo's "TerrorEyes" demo, I already knew that this subversive ...

Corvo – Terroreyes The Demo

Upon pressing the play button and tasting the content of Corvo’s “TerrorEyes” demo, I already knew that this subversive goth rock CD can be embraced by devout fans of Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and Divine Madness. Both romantic and melancholy, the four tracks on this EP juxtapose soul-crushing guitar riffs and sighing cello strings with the pulsating beats of moonwave electronica (as well as the occasional piano and church organ).

Nina’s vocals are those of a poison ivy muse as they soar over every song in gorgeous black-winged mourning. In my opinion, the mysterious nature of “TerrorEyes” can be the perfect accompaniment for a Dario Argento movie, which is no surprise since both Nini and G9 have such a love for the horror genre. I can best describe the duo’s sound as ‘gialloindustrial;’ a 20-minute and 40-second journey through a phantom rave club. Undoubtedly, this album (which is now only available online in the form of MP3 downloads) will whet a listener’s appetite for Corvo’s debut LP “Telltale.” From what I can gather, it’s supposed to be unleashed later in 2010. Keep your cold, bony fingers crossed on that one! In the meantime, Nina and G9 are busy composing orignal suspense soundscapes for “Camera Obscura,” a nightmarish 17-episode web series that stars actors Reagan Dale Neis and Jack Klugman and is greatly inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft.



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