Billy Childish

Billy Childish

why don’t call yourself an artist? I read that you prefer to be called an amateur?
I’m an amateur because I don’t want to turn what I like to do, or love, into work.

how is important for you to be totally indie?
It’s important for me, independent mean choosing when, what, how, you play, and who you play with.

are you working on some project now? what are they?
music I am working on The Blulf Medways, a three piece group named after an old breed of chicken.

I know that you write novel, where you take inspirations, the ideas….?
my ideas in writing come from my childhood, ridicolouse and young man time.

when do you start painting? I paint every sunday.I’ ve painted since I was 1 or 2 years old and have always continued.

what are your influences were when you started?
I liked punk-rock in 1977 then it turned into sinth music or heavy metal, I stayed with r’n’r.

I think that blues, garage, and punk have lots of things in common. I think about 2 words authentic and independet? what do you think?
it can have the basic expression of self.

if you have to choose 3lp for meaning what is punk-rock attitude?
be true to yourself

what about politics? I agree with green politics and de-centralisation and zero groth.

where do you buy your clothes?
in old gentlemans shops

I known that you love to cook, what do you think of the italian cousine?
I cook indian best, I can’t eat cheese or tomato or meat so though I love the tast I don’t eat much italian food

what is your latest cd/book you bought?
I don’t buy music, latest book, a new edition of Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

say what you want…..
good luck to all humans, and the friends of animals. 2005

simone benerecetti
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