Adventures with the saint Episode n 3

Adventures with the saint  Episode n 3 2 - fanzine

Adventures with the saint Episode n 3

The saint and Doctor Black are pleased to present:
Adventure with the saint episode n° 3 : The russian prisoner.
The Saint can stand the heat and once again the forces of evil.
Get ready for an exciting new adventure!

1) The Thoughts – All night stand (AA.VV. Nuggets II Original artyfacts from the british empire & beyond,2001)
2) I Colours – Hush (AA.VV. Arriva la bomba The easiest italian party of the year,1998)
3) Killer Klown – Drunk redneck in a pick-up truck (Born to rock!!!,2011)
4) Dragontears – No salvation (Turn on tune in fuck off!!!,2010)
5) Buzzcocks – Promises (Singles going steady,1979)
6) I Barbieri – W il lunedi’ (AA.VV. Atto di forza n° 10 Neo-garage sounds 1980-2008)
7) Curlee Wurlee – Big bang shot (Likes milk,2011)
8) Tony Face big roll band – Abba (Old soul rebel,2010)
9) Travoltas – Do it again ( The singles collection,2002)
10) Movements – You’re alone (Follow,2011)
11) Cute leppers – 77 (Adventure time 2010)
12) Sick rose – Don’t keep me out (Shaking street,1989)
13) Barabba – Sono stufo di te (AA.VV. Atto di forza n°9 Italian beat from the mid-sixties)
14) Locators – High today,dead tomorrow (S/t,2010)
15) Pyramids – Penetration (The original penetration,1964)
The villians are arranged!

Adventures with the saint  Episode n 3 4 - fanzine

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