adventures with the saint 11 lubna barracuda

adventures with the saint 11 lubna barracuda 1 - fanzine

adventures with the saint 11 lubna barracuda

1) Thor’s hammers – My life (VV.AA. – Nuggets II,Original artyfacts from the british empire & beyond,2001)
2) Ty Segall band – The bag i’m in (Slaughterhouse,2012)
3) Nico – Ma che vita è questa qua? (VV.AA. – Lost trails d’Italia vol.2)
4) The Morlocks – Leavin’home (Submerged alive,1987)
5) Famous Monsters – Whan i grow up (In the night!!!,1998)
6) Le Carogne – Pittore (Secondo le Carogne,2013)
7) Second H.Sam – Prieto spring (Debut ep,2012)
8) Golden Shower – The Dio serpente (The strong case of the alaskan dragon breath,2013)
9) Jacques Dutronc – Fais pas ci,fais pas ça (Omonimo,1968)
10) Funny Dunny – Both of you (The waiting grounds,2012)
11) King Khan and bbq show – Taste buds (Invisible girls,2009)
12) Babian – Tillbaks i business (Heja dom son vinner!,2012)
13) Cherry Slush – I cannot stop you (VV.AA. -2131 South Michigan avenue:60’s garage and psychedelia from U.S.A.)
14) Psychotic Turnbuckles – Groove the eye (VV.AA. – Do the pop-the australian garage rock sound 1976-1987,2002)
15) Question Mark & the Mysterians – 96 tears (Omonimo,1966)

Special thanx for the helpless to Fabio Doctor Black!

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