Adventure with the Saint – Episode n° 19 Natasha

Adventure with the Saint - Episode n° 19 Natasha 1 - fanzine

Adventure with the Saint – Episode n° 19 Natasha

An explosive new adventure awaits the Saint but this time is not only back to this side the fascinating Lady Barracuda. Them as valuable help to tackle even the most dangerous of enemies the young Lord Sinclair. A trio like this not fear anyone and proves it!
1) New bomb turks – Veronika Lake (At rope’s end,1998)
2) The Open Mind – Magic potion (V.A.-Nuggets II,Original atryfacts from the british empire and beyond,2001)
3) The Strange Flowers – Rose Lynn (Pearls at swine,2015)
4) The Cynics – Making deals (Living is the best revenge,2002)
5) Regal – Layer world (7″,2015)
6) Bingo – Provocate (Close up,2000)
7) Go!Zilla – Melting (Sinking in your sea,2015)
8) Thee Rathskellers – Come on (S/t,2015)
9) Super dog party – Blues screen of death (Blues screen of death 10″,2015)
10) Os Estilhacos – Olhar (S/t,2014)
11) Dissuaders – Investigation (Minutes to go,2010)
12) Plutonium baby – Big mouth girl (Welcome to the weird world,2013)
13) The Skeptics – Open sea (Open sea 10″,2015)
14) The Plugz – Satisfied die (Electrify,1979)
15) The Raunchies – Little b (Falk,2015)
16) Walkers – Fire (V.A.-Killed by glam,2011)
17) The big town boys – August 23nd (V.A.-Ya gotta moxie vol.1,1998)
18) Golden shower – Little sister (7″,2015)
19) The Barbacans – Con te nell’aldilà (Mai sepolti 10″,2015)
20) Gli Avvoltoi – La follia (Quando vuoi scappare (1991-1995),2015)
21) The Solarflares -Find a hiddden door (Psychedelic tantrum,1999)
22) The Bone Machine – Sei nei guai (Giu nel mio inferno,2013)

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