Adventure with the Saint episode n 10

Adventure with the Saint episode n 10 1 - fanzine

Adventure with the Saint episode n 10

1) Outsiders – Touch (S/t,1967)
2) Barbacans – Hes gone
3) Cirrone – All i know (Uplands park road,2011)
4) Funamboli – Il mondo siamo noi (V/A – Magic bitpop vol.19,1996)
5) Skurkuarna – Getaway car (A crimawave escapade!,2012)
6) Secret affair – Turn me on (Soho dreams,2012)
7) Wild evel and Los Infierno – I’m gone (Mucho tequila ep,2012)
8) I barbieri – Disadattato (Il mondo gira ep,2012)
9) Cowbell – Hanging by a thread (Beat stampade,2012)
10) Skeptics – Searching (File under fuzz punk,2012)
11) Parasites – Things will never be the same (Non-stop power pop volume 1,2012)
12) The Shevells – Come on home (V/A – That driving beat vol.2,2008)
13 ) Redd Kross – Stay away from downtown (Researching the blues,2012)
14) Ghigo Agosti – Coccinella (Ghigo,gli arrabbiati e i goghi antologia 1954-1964,2007)
15) DM3 – Show you (Dig the most,1997)

Never like this time the contribution of Dr.Black has been important!

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