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New magnificent adventure of the saint in the enchanted world of the rock’n’roll.
No criminal will be spared no woman can resist.
We all have a saint in paradise.

1) The Eyes – I’m rowed out (VV.AA Nuggets II Original artyfacts from the british empire & beyond,2001)

2) The Bradipos IV – Mysterion (Live at KFJC Radio U.S.A.,2011)

3) Gravedigger V – Spooky (VV.AA. Be a caveman Best of voxx garage revival,2000)

4) Gigliola Cinquetti – Zero in amore (Il treno dell’amore,1969)

5) Betty and the Werewolves – Heathcliff (Teatime favourities,2010)

6) Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis – Gangster story (O.S.T. La polizia incrimina la legge assolve,1973)

7) Captain Higgins – Not good enough (Here’s captain higgins,2011)

8) Docteur Legume et les Surfwerks – Zombie crocodile from wha dimension (Le planete sauvage,2011)

9) Queers – Get over you (Surf goddess,1994)

10) Emilio Mazzone e i Favolosi – La tua carica (VV.AA. Atto di forza # 4-100% italian beat from the mid 60’s)

11) Steeplejack – Under a thunder of stars (Pow wow,1988)

12) I Monelli – Ritorna Debby (Il tempo non ritornerà,2011)

13) Thee Dirtybeats – Cool one (S/t,2011)

14) Suzy & los quatros – In my dreams again (Hank.2011)

15) Lyres – Help you Ann (On fyre,1984)

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