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Radiosa Vol.3

Best Shoegaze Podcast. We love Shoegaze! We Love shoegaze Podcast ! 24 Novembre 2023

Radiosa Vol.3

Radiosa Vol.3

We love Shoegaze! We Love shoegaze Podcast !

Ozean – Porcelain
Bond Clean – Ep#3
Keep Shelly In Athens – Lonely Times
Rex Ruit – Regret Trip
Mornings – Timestamp
High Road Pilots – Party Crashers
Spirit Night – Bury The Dead
Lil Dirtbag – It’s Been Too Real

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The algorithmic hits keep on coming. Set your shoes to gaze mode and drop into this king size cloud of ethereal dream pop. San Jose’s Ozean played just two shows in their brief existence, their lone three songs available only as a short-run cassette in 1991. Numero will be dripping out their catalog over the course of the next few months, with a 12” to follow in 2024.


Bond Clean

A collection of tracks recorded in Brisbane share houses by Coxy. Mixing Indie Rock, Lofi, Post Punk, Sludge with attempts at a melodic and pop sensibility.


Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly in Athens, the dream pop duo from Athens, Greece, has released their latest single, ‘Lonely Times’!
The song weaves together lush, atmospheric textures with ethereal vocals, creating an immersive sonic landscape reminiscent of the revered 4AD era. Keep Shelly in Athens continues to push the boundaries of the dream pop genre, crafting music that resonates with both aficionados of the past and modern-day enthusiasts.


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On Key


Abysskvlt – mDzod Rum

Gli Abysskvlt, con mDzod Rum, propongono un’opera di grande spessore, sia dal punto di vista spirituale che strettamente musicale, ma non si può nascondere che tali sonorità siano principalmente rivolte a chi possiede un’indole incline alla meditazione.