Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten 1 - fanzine

Gone But Not Forgotten

Ollie Mikse

Ollie Mikse is a lonely Aruban (some would say The Lonely Aruban) living in New England where he spends his time doing research at Dana-Farber, writing for various websites, recording music, doodling, and finding the nearest air-conditioned space. He lives in Chatham, Cape Cod with his two Jack Russell Terriers Duke and Shempy. He would also like to point out that if your cancer does somehow get cured by the content of this website, it is merely coincidence. You should get treatment. Emily Yoder is a writer and nonprofit professional living in Boston with a (the?) lonely Aruban and two cats. Her interests include: antiques, feminism, remote islands, joining too many book clubs, and (unsuccessfully) teaching magic tricks to the aforementioned cats.

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