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That is not One of the most controversial queer Band in the whole States, but The One and Only. Former Bass player Chris Freeman, from Pany Division, is here to introduce and share His Brand new project.

gay dc

Gayc Dc

Gayc Dc - In Your Eyes EzineThat is not One of the most controversial queer Band in the whole States, but The One and Only. Former Bass player Chris Freeman, from Pany Division, is here to introduce and share His Brand new project.
Four years ago with the Gayc|Dc line up, the stage has been hitten upside down, loud and proud.

And that`s “the story so far ” !

Very Glad to have that, I hereby exposed few questions to Mr. Chriss !!

Hi, and thank You warmly to accept that report.
We all know You for the awesome music and lyrics devoted to Pansy Division.
But here We are again with something which gives a sense of variety !

1 How did it comes the idea of start a tributeband (very originally) Ac<Dc? Has been Your personal idea or have You ever discussed with some of Your current line up members?

I moved to LA in 2001 (from San Francisco) and met a large group of gay musicians and a thriving music community. Around 2003, some of them asked if I wanted to join an all-gay tribute to the Go-Go’s called the Gay Gay’s and so we did that for about 10 years before calling it quits, although we later played a Go-Go’s after-party for Jane Wiedlin.
A few of us wanted to continue to play together and we threw out some random band names that could incorporate the word ‘gay’ and when Karl said “GayC/DC,” I thought, yeah, that would work!

2 Actually how should You introduce by heart how everyone started to joined the band ? I have read on the bio how anyway Pansy Division on tour have effected part of that cooperation, now become reality.

Karl (rhythm guitar) and Brian (drums) were both friends that I had known for years and brought into later versions of the Gay Gay’s. I had met Steve (lead guitar) on a gay hook-up website (Daddyhunt). I was scrolling through and saw this handsome guy and saw that he was a guitar player, so I messaged him asking if he liked AC/DC and if he would
be interested in playing with us. After he joined, we looked for a singer for quite a while. When no one would audition, I finally told the band to audition me. They said I should sing and I asked Glen (who I had first met around ’97 while on tour with Pansy Division) to play bass.

3 The presence on the stage is quite catchy and entertaining. Setting up a tourdate how many time You all dedicate picking the outfits? So far dresses and make up add some sugar and spices for the audience.

As well as working hard to get the AC/DC sound down, we all put a TON of thought into our stage clothes. And they’ve evolved nicely, I think, looking at our early photos to the latest batch. The one thing I encouraged from the beginning with GayC/DC is that we each have our own personality, just go for it. The aesthetics of AC/DC is simple black t-shirt and jeans, all looking the same (except the schoolboy outfit), so we went for the opposite. I use t-shirts as statements for each song and I layer clothing before I go onstage,
taking off each layer as the show progresses. For our Angus, it was more restricted since you have that iconic image, so we went with a short skirt, schoolgirl style. And he wears a tie with it, so some of the images you expect from
AC/DC show up but in a twisted manner.

4 Was it 2015, back in the days the first gig with Seb Bach? How many buzzes has been spread before You started to rehearse in the studio?

GayC/DC actually played its first shows in 2013, so we already had a following before Sebastian Bach played with us. But right from the beginning, people were responding to us positively.

5 Have You ever thought to record with a label a LP, with Your favourite covers?

No, I don’t think there are that many people interested in hearing me do that.
A few maybe, but not enough to warrant going to all the trouble of getting musicians, spending money on recording, and so on. I’m a songwriter, so I’m always wanting to just get my own
songs out there.

6 Please one random word to define Steve, Glen, Karl and Brian.

Just one word is FAR too difficult, so I will give you 2 for each:
Steve – guitar genius, Glen – band clown, Karl – quick wit, Brian – thoughtful worrier

7 How Would You feel if a brand new tribute band would play Pansy Division on a hetero version? And how Bon and Angus heard Your crazy good versions?

That would be great! Maybe it would be all-female! I do know that there’s a Pansy Division tribute record being worked on, and a band called Shaolin Monks from Seattle (a band with only one gay member) is doing “Dick Of Death,” so there you have it!
As far as I know, the AC/DC camp is aware of us, although I’m not sure if they’ve bothered to pull up a video on YouTube and listened to us

8 So far , how can You snap Your career from the Atachments untill now?

Wow, you’ve done your homework! That’s quite a ways back! Attachments was basically my third band when I lived in Seattle. Before that, I had a band with high school friends called Relic (after the Pink Floyd album title) from 1978-80. Then I joined a band called Little Wing in 1980 and we played the first-ever NW Metal Fest at the Lake Hills Roller Rink in Bellevue, WA, in 1981 with TKO and The Mob (a tribute band that later became Queensryche). Attachments grew out of Little Wing and was active between 1982-85 recording an album, an EP and a couple of singles before we broke up. Afterward, three out of the six people in the band stayed together and tried to keep moving forward, including moving to San Francisco in 1987 and playing a few
shows and recording as Vox Opera. That ended in 1989 and I drifted for a year or so, playing in several local bands (including Model Citizenz with the keyboard player from Spinal Tap, David Kaffinetti!). I had basically called it quits by the time I turned 30 in 1991, but then saw the ad from Jon Ginoli to form Pansy Division in October of ’91.
I’ve continued to work with bands as a producer/mentor or as an on-call bass player since around 1984. I moved to LA in 2001 and continued to do that on the side as well as my Pansy Division duties.

9 Italia, or at least Europe, when will You be able to come to visit Us ?

No plans yet for GayC/DC to get over there (we’re working on it!), but Pansy Division will be in Italy for this festival and for a few other shows in July. Check our website/Facebook page for details. #PUNKROCKRADUNO

Sure thing the fb page with all the link beloved to gigs :

merch at

See You the 11th of July and.. watch out for more actions !
Untill the next time.


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