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Autocad – Thomas Park

Autocad - Thomas Park: how can you define fractal/dance breakbeat? Fractal / Break-Beat, as I see it, involves fractally- or logarithmi...

Autocad – Thomas Park

how can you define fractal/dance breakbeat?
Fractal / Break-Beat, as I see it, involves fractally- or logarithmically- generated melodies and harmonies, with phrases of 2 to 4 measures that break the beat into recognizeable phrases.

when did you start as autocad/pantheist audio?
In 1999, when I purchased a inexpensive PC and some music software. That got me going.

what are your music influences?
Brian Eno, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cluster, The Talking Heads

what is your latest book bought? It was an H.P. Lovecraft story collection.

in usa, is there a good scene for the your kind of music?
The scene exists– but, really, the music is very new, and is ready and waiting to penetrate the U.S. club scene. I think the club scene is ready to hear atonal melodies and harmonies in their music, and to move beyond the beat into phrases again.

how is impostant for you to be a self-producer artist?
I think it’s extremey important.

in which way the new technologies can help the diy world?Technology provides us with the ability to do things we often feel that we should be able to do anyway. It tends to speed certain processes, too.

which are the programs do you use for doing your music?
Sonic Foundry’s Acid 2.0 . Algo Arts’ Soft-Step Sequencer. Blade Encoder. Cool Edit 2.0 .

how mathematics helps you to do a song?
I use numbers as note generators– for example, in a list of data, a set of four numbers, 1427, might mean: 1 = a, 4 = d, 2 = b, and 7 = g.

I like very much what you have written to me “The idea is that listeners will be able to listen to AutoCad / Pantheist Audio’s music, and appreciate the world around them by doing so.”. do you think that only music can help us to appreciate nature?
Music, architecture, certian writers, nature itself — many things can help us to appreciate nature.

say what you want… Thanks for the interview! If you publish this, would you please mention my URL, http://www.mp3.com/autocad ? That’s my musical hub. Thanks so much, Simone, and have a nice day! check other pages: Visit http://thomaspark.homepage.com AutoCad the Band (Listen to state-of-the-art electronica) Visit http://www.mp3.com/autocad or http://autocad.iuma.com Pantheist Audio (Listen to original songs inspired by nature) Visit http://pages.about.com/pantheist Fractalism (Explore the mystery of fractals) Visit http://fractalism.homepage.com Each of these sites are hosted at least in part by Thomas of AutoCad. Take your pick Etcetera. Enjoy your browsing 2004


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