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please tell us something about the HISTORY of your band.
We started in early 1998. Played our first show June 18, 1998 and have played about 80 shows since. Our band consists of four members… Mr.. West (guitar/vocals), Brian Fightback (bass/vocals, Dirt Burnout (drums), and me… Meatball Fightback (guitar/vocals). We have released one short full length and one EP, both on 12mfa Records, we will be together forever. 🙂

have you ever been in other bands before fightbacks?
Not of any importance… Except Dirt was in this Industrial/Experimental band called Gerbling. Dirt is also in a band called Pull Start Witch Hunt. Brian also does a solo project called EGF. Mr. West is in a band called The Scary Bus Kids Gang. in “hit the road” you speak about the punk rock philosophy, can you tell us what you mean as punk rock philosophy? Well, that song was written by our ex-guitarist PJ Fightback. He was talking about how his girlfriend at the time wouldn’t understand him quitting his job and doing things unethical. I think that is what it means?

in which way do you think that religious people and people who use drugs have the same dependence?
Not really religious people but people who basically think Jesus Christ is the end all be all. None of us are christian in the band… I personally am very spiritual. I believe that sometimes people can’t think for themselves, nor sometimes can they deal with reality. So they turn to a book(the bible) or a drug and say, “This is THE way, it’ll all work out. I’ll hide here until it blows over.” and they do nothing to ever better themselves or the situation and it never really blows over, it gets worse. It’s like a crutch to them and if they found out Jesus wasn’t true they would flip a lid. Not saying I know weather or not I know if Jesus is true. That’s just how I felt about it.

I have no problem with the hc-straight edge, but I think that they’re wrong when they believe they have the truth in their hands. and they’re trying to teach you how live your life. you write a song called “hardcore”. can you speak about it?
I agree with you about the HC/SXE people. The song “Hardcore” is really about how Christianity is shoved down your necks here in Rockford, Illinois. We have the largest gathering of Christian Coalition in the USA here and a lot of them are bloody hypocrites.

how many us tour do you have done? have you ever played in europe?
US- 1 week long one in which almost all the shows got cancelled. and 1 this last summer for 3 weeks… the last one was very good. Except our engine blew up and we missed like 5 shows. We have never but would love to play in Europe.

do you know some italian bands? do you want to trade a tape with the interviewer? 🙂
Can’t say I know of any Italian bands. I would like to know of some so sure, I would be more than happy to trade a comp tape with you:)

what do you think about the new movements anti-globalization? Do they can change the world? do they can change the people thoughts?
No movement has ever changed the world. Only the act of Revolting or Revolution can change the world. They can and will and do change some people’s thinkings. But I don’t think enough people will understand in time before freedoms are abolished. I hope the movements towards anti-globalization grow into a revolution, because if they don’t a NWO will take over and we’ll all be fucked. If you don’t believe me take a look at how easily and quickly america seeps into your countries, see how easy europe wants to become one, see how corrupt the USA’s last Presidential Election was. It’s coming… like it or not, believe it or not.

I like very much the “what we need” lyrics. we have to realize our natural way, because society give us false need and false answers. but I think it’s very important to continue to do questions? what do you think?
Thank you. Yes, we must always question everything. Crimpshrine gave the best answers in that regard. Never let up because you will be blindsided one day if you do. I try and eliminate things I don’t need until I get used to not having an item, and then I eliminate something else I don’t need in my life. I have quit drinking/smoking/eating meat along with a lot of other things. This is one way to keep yourself on your toes so you don’t end up selfish and lazy. (I think anyway)

can you advise us some u.s. fanzine?
not off the top of my head.. sorry (besides MRR :PP)

can you send a free t-shirt to the interviewer? :)) Don’t have any right now. Sure will when we get some! 🙂

say what you want…….. thanks for the interview. hope I got all of your questions answered good enough so I don’t sound like and idiot. Please feel free to rephrase the 2 I didn’t understand and re-email them back along with, if you have any more questions. thanks alot. Visit and buy our stuff at Rock out! meatball fightback

Circle Jerks – Group Sex any 1980’s ramones record 🙂 Black Flag – First Four Years Decendents – Milo Goes to College Crimpshrine records 1990’s NOFX – Punk in Drublic Hot Water Music – Finding the Rhythms Jawbreaker – 24 Hour Revenge Therapy there is too many records i just love!!2004

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