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Adventure with the Saint

Il miglior Podcast garagePunk del pianeta

Adventure With The Saint Episode N°33 The Latin Touch

Adventure with the Saint episode n°33 The Latin Touch   1) Link Wray and the Raymen – Jack the Ripper (Yesterday-Today, 1969) 2) M.O.T.O. – I Hate my Fucking Job (Kill Moto, 2003) 3) Puglia – The Questionable Rewards of a Visit to Inacessible Island (Blind


Adventure With The Saint Episode N°29 The Double Taker

What world would be without the Saint and rock’n’roll? 1) MC5 – Looking At You (Back in the U.S.A., 1970) 2) Teenage Fanclub – Take The Long Way Round (Songs from the Northern Britain, 1997) 3) The Sloks – The Swamp (Holy Motor, 2018) 4)


Adventure With The Saint Episode N°27 The Desperate Diplomat

Adventure with the Saint Episode n°27 The desperate diplomat 1) Archie and the Bunkers – Laura (Songs From The Lodge,2018) 2) Red Lines – Tomorrow (Paisley,2018) 3) The Devils – Red Grave (Iron Butt,2017) 4) Il Senato – Giorno Senza Amore (S/t 7″,2018) 5) The