#streetart Cenja

#streetart Cenja

#streetart Cenja

street art• When did you start making street art. Around, did you have a phase more linked to the tags or not?

I started around 2000 with graffiti. Over time, I changed the letters to characters. By introducing more and more simplifications (in style and colors), I came to the point where linear performances dominate. For the most part, my works are images of birds. Initially, my phase was not related to tags as much as it is now. Despite the fact that I do not use letters, I am very inspired and I draw a lot from calligraffiti.

• Does graffiti play an important role in your education or not?

Graffiti pushed me to develop in an artistic direction. I finished art school and currently I work as a graphic designer.

• How important is the illegality component in your works?

It doesn’t matter to me. Both legal and illegal require the same amount of work and do not different in any way. However, I do most of my work illegally because this city where i live is just like my born city and other people’s. I don’t have to ask anyone for permission.

• What do you think of the street art that enters the museum?

I don’t mind. It seems natural to me that such a global and popular phenomenon enters museums and galleries in all over the world. I have never organized my own exhibition, but I am not saying no.

• Do you think it is a natural continuation or a forcing to have more popularity?

I think that this is a natural way of things and an interesting attempt face to face with recipient who is more familiar with art. However, I wonder, if street art introduced to the gallery is still the same. After entering the museum door street art loses its street features and becomes images. But I’m not saying it’s bad.

• Do you prefer to dedicate yourself to a technique in particular as the
sticker or do you prefer to space according to the place and the idea?

I like both of these things. I used to spend a lot of time refining my stickers. However, I prefer painting on the street. Despite the fact that I draw a lot at home, I enjoy creating without a plan and design. What I create often depends on the ground. I also prefer this because the design does not always fit the place.



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