Magnus Kollberg from The Most Releases “Glory”

(Photo Credit Roger Degerman)

Magnus Kollberg from The Most Releases “Glory”

Magnus Kollberg is a musician from Umeå, Sweden.

For the past two decades he has played in Swedish Beat band, The Most. His latest single, “Glory” ( has been released.

When Did You Write Glory?

I actually wrote Glory in the 90’s. It had partly different lyrics then but over the years the song turned more and more into a hymn for Christmas. Or a celebration of light.


It wasn’t until I teamed up with Ulf Edlund and my wife Anna that I felt that we could find the right mood for the song. And let it fly.


Give me a little background on you all please!

I have been playing beat/mod music for the past twenty years in a group called The Most. We have made some records and toured both in Europe and in the USA.


Anna has a background in Swedish folk music so she brought that into the song.


Ulf is just a great musician and producer who has played with a lot of groups. Mostly in the Americana field.


Where were you when “Glory” was written?

When I wrote the song our kids were small. They were all born in the 90s. I really liked the melody, the song kind of wrote itself. So I kept it close to my heart until the day I felt the right moment to record it. It’s not a beat song so it did not really match the band I was in.


Are you currently touring?

For the moment I am not touring. I do a few cover gigs around my hometown Umeå.


My dream for Glory is that Mavis Staples would sing it in a mighty gospel version!

Magnus Kollberg



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