Black Stax

Black Stax

Black Stax is an hip-hop collective from Seattle, they play a different blend fo hip hop as a culture rooted in community and in people’s history. Their music is special as they thoughts that they gifted us in the next interview.

David Strong's First Solo EP

David Strong’s First Solo EP

David Strong has been playing the strings alongside the best for decades. He is now front and center and just released his first solo album.

The Diplomatics - Go High

The Diplomatics – Go High

The Diplomatics are an Italian punk band formed in 2013. Their sound is of early 1970’s punk with garage rock folded into the mix. Prior to Time To Fly?, they have two studio albums under their belts along with hundreds of gigs. 

BÜZÊM, Deconstructing Black Metal

BÜZÊM, Deconstructing Black Metal

Finn Akuma is the bassist, the vocalist, the man behind the black curtain for Portland, Maine based band, BÜZÊM. He is full of experimentation and excitement by decoding Black Metal. 

Catching up with The Courettes

The Courettes are a husband and wife duo composed of drums and guitar. Flavia Couri plays guitar and sings lead while Martin Couri plays drums and also sings. They are based in Denmark where Martin is from.

The Ragged Jubilee, A New Album & A Record Deal

The Ragged Jubilee, A New Album & A Record Deal

(Photo Credit: Alex Creswell)The Ragged Jubilee is a 4 piece blues, garage, rock n’ roll band out of San Luis Obispo, California. They have been performing together for over 15 years with 4 studio albums under their belts. Their music has appeared on such television

Nuclear Bootz

Nuclear Bootz with Bruce Merson

Nuclear Bootz are a Portland, Maine punk band. Bruce Merson is the timekeeper or the drummer. Over their 24 year career span they have played countless shows and have released 3 albums. 

Vinile, mon amour #1

Vinyl Mon Amour #1

A new experience starts with this Volume 1, many of us iyeziners love vinyl in its formats that are 33rpm, 45rpm or even 78rpm. I think some of you who read us also love these media.