Eichlers – My Checkered Future

Eichlers - My Checkered Future

Eichlers – My Checkered Future

Hyper Ska superstar Eichlers has released their debut full length on Bad Time Records. This is the most exciting ska news of 2022 because this is honestly, so sick! If you’ve been paying attention, Ike has been loudly moving in this direction. I’ve been stoked since I heard the New Tone single.

I still don’t completely understand hyper pop musically, but Eichlers is fucking awesome. Nickel City is lyrically my stand out track. It just sounds like a love letter for us who’ve been doing this a long time, this is the anthem for the elder rudies, we say stand together! Musically, I Need Hep Immediately with solid 808s under a classic sounding ska beat (trap rock steady) is the killer dance track of this.

The features of Omnigone, Jer and Tape Girl add to this being a class in the new ska scene. This album was written and created by people that honestly love ska and are ready for its checkered future.

And to the haters “talk shit and get sick”.

Get a hold of this and blast it loudly and repeatedly!

Eichlers – My Checkered Future

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C Fish, I'm a lifelong underground dissident who's been studying politics and activism before I knew anything about skateboarding or punk rock. Fir the past 24 years I've been involved mostly in punk scenes up and down California. I spent 2 years in North Carolina and got heavily involved with the local scene. I was hype guy for a ska band. Now I live in PA and continue to write for my blog https://punxinsolidarity.wordpress.com/

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