Delerium – Signs

Delerium: Is it possible to make electronic music with many ambient influences and with the direction of the sky above?

Delerium – Signs

The answer is Canada’s Delerium with their album ‘Signs’, released in early March 2023 by Metropolis Records. Delerium are veterans of underground electronica, the kind of electronica that charts paths and searches for the most peculiar sounds, and is by no means entertainment or business.

The Delerium project was founded as a side group of Front Line Assembly, one of the biggest groups in the world of electronic music, by Bill Leeb, a restless musical soul who wants to search for a more new age and ambient sound, always in the electronic sphere. To deal briefly with Billy’s importance in this sound, suffice it to say that he founded Front Line Assembly out of Skinny Puppy, another very important heretical electronic ensemble.

Delerium can be defined as the ambient outburst of the prolific Leeb, who here reaches very high peaks both as a composition and as a listening possibility for those who hear ‘Signs’ put in their headphones.

The record is a journey that is like a dream, the frequencies are very ethereal and tend towards spiritual elevation, putting the listener in an elevated position, where the air is purer and where everything is very different from keeping one’s feet on the ground. This musical project came to life in 1987 and has had considerable commercial success, just remember the single “Silence” sung by Sarah McLachlan which reached number three in the UK music charts in 1999, and the successful remixes of their tracks by Tiesto and others. Their work is particularly appealing to a very wide audience of electronic music lovers because it touches on different parts of the electronic musical alchemy, and those who love trance or those who prefer ambient music will find many points of interest and musical meditation here.

“Signs” is an album that possesses great depth, thanks to the great union between the different female voices and ambient and new age electronics, a union that has always been the trademark of the group, which at best has always been a duo with Billy Leeb as the only constant.

A new stage in a musical journey that enters the rooms of many young people, as well as festivals halfway around the world, a formula that does not suffer fatigue and that gives an album that will last a long time, bringing a little peace in this continuous drudgery, and that also possesses a discrete dose of pop that should not be overlooked.


Delerium – Signs


1. Falling Back to You (with Mimi Page) 04:05
2. Rain 05:18
3. Coast to Coast (feat. Phildel) 04:53
4. Sun Storm 05:15
5. In The Deep (feat. KANGA) 05:14
6. Esque 05:10
7. Remember Love (with Mimi Page) 04:32
8. Amebedo 03:53
9. Streetcar (feat. Inna Walters) 04:36
10. Glimmer (with Emily Haines) [Delerium Remix] 04:13
11. The Astronomer 05:26
12. Absolution (with Mimi Page) 03:45


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