Ayn & Marlen und Marlene – From The Floor Below

Ayn & Marlen und Marlene – From The Floor Below

Ayn & Marlen und Marlene (Christian Nicolao and Simona Beglietti) are a music and visual artist duo from Biella, Italy. Their new album, From The Floor Below is made up of 9 tracks and 50 minutes. It took them nearly 2 years to complete. What took them so long was the research. The research to find the proper sounds to express what they want the listener to experience. It’s solid gold!  It is full of vocal variety, tempo changes, and a magnitude of instruments ranging from acoustic to electronic. All played in ambient, experimental, noise, and New Wave styles. Their previous album Exquisite Black was released in December of 2017. 


The goal of this album is to communicate with the unconscious through music. They most certainly have achieved it. This album is quite emotional. When listened to in full will make a person feel an entire array of emotions. 

I hear insects crawling on a damp, slimy, brick floor from their opening track, “Catabasi” The song is dark, something from the sounds of a horror film with looping, beautiful sound effects. 


My Body Made of Nothing” is wild, animalistic. The percussion on this track is prime. It puts the listener into a meditative trance state of mind. Beglietti’s voice is a perfect blend with the musical harmonies. I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing at. 


What is quite enjoyable about “Never Come Back” was that the introduction has a sparkling effect. Layered with repeated whispering vocal tracks. It is very much relaxing then explodes into complete psychedelic rock! Dual vocals, acoustic guitar, loud bass notes, and repetitive chorus lines. This is a masterpiece!



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