Adventure with the Saint Episode n°41

Podcast with: The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Los Reactors , The Mystic Tide , Bassholes , Bradipos IV , Lazy Cowgirls , The Steppes , Thee Oops , The Pork Dukes , Bart and the Brats , Kempy and the Guardians , Novak , The Sundowners , Lucifer , The Donnas , Tiger Army

Adventure with the Saint Episode n°41

Adventure with the Saint Episode n°41

The Man Who Was Lucky

1) The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – A Child’s Guide to Good and Evil (S/t, 1968)
2) Los Reactors – Dead in the Suburbs (S/t, 2000)
3) The Mystic Tide – Frustration (Solid Sound..Solid..Ground, 1994)
4) Bassholes – 98 Degrees in the Shade (Broke Chamber Music, 2004)
5) Bradipos IV – Scuola di ballo al sole (S/t, 2022)
6) Lazy Cowgirls – Frustration, Tragedy and Lies (Ragged Soul, 1995)
7) The Steppes – Holding Up Well (Drop of the Creature, 1986)
8) Thee Oops – Hope You Die Tonight (Happy Charlie, 2012)
9) The Hi-Numbers – Heart of Stone (VV.AA – The Beat Scene, 1998)
10) The Pork Dukes – I Like your Big Tits (All the Filth, 1999)
11) The Hi-Fives – I’d be so Loved (Get Down, 1998)
12) Bart and the Brats  – Stones and Sticks (S/t, 2022)
13) Kempy and the Guardians – Love for a Price (VV.AA – Flashback vol 6 – Take a Trip to the Psychedelic Punk area in Texas, 1982)
14) Novak – Sings Stop (Dumb Records 1977 – 1979, 2016)
15) The Sundowners – Snake Eyed Woman (S/t 7″, 1995)
16) Lucifer – Mr. Jack (Dance with the Devil, 2015)
17) The Donnas – We Don’t Go (S/t, 1997)
18) Tiger Army  – Nocturnal (S/t, 1999)


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