Adventure With The Saint Episode N° 38 The Element Of Doubt

Adventure With The Saint Episode N° 38 The Element Of Doubt

The most grandiloquent punk’n’roll podcast of the globe is back because the Saint never leaves you alone, and he is a threat! In collaboration with Maria Adele Del Vecchio and the Inyoureyes Webzine rock’n’roll crew..

1) The Unclaimed – Run From Here (S/t 7″, 1980)
2) China White – Nightlife (Danger Zone Ep, 1981)
3) The Gorgons – I’m Always Denied (Crab Cake 7″, 1994)
4) Sloks – Ruin It All (A Knife in your Hand, 2021)
5) The Wylde Tryfles – Don’t Miss the Dead Line (Fuzzed and Confused, 2021)
6) The Von Zippers – 30/06 (Wow ’em Down at Franzl’s, 1997)
7) Leighton Koizumi & Tito and the Brainsuckers – Get Out of my Life Woman (When the Night Falls, 2013)
8) Body Bag – French Riviera Rock’n’roll Nigger (The exclusive fun of fishing in the pond of your downish tears, 2021)
9) Thee Fine Lines – One Thing Will Always Be (Looking Everywhere 7″, 2005)
10) The Devils – Ain’t That Lovin You (Beast Must Regret Nothing, 2021)
11) The Dirtbombs – Ode to Black Man (Ultraglide in Black, 2001)
12) Polvere di Pinguino – Open my Hands (Stand by the Dream, 2021)
13) Destroy All Monsters – Nobody Knows (November 22, 1963, 1989)
14) The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt – The King is Dead (S/t, 2021)
15) Barmudas – Zombi Teacher (Every Day is Saturday Night, 2021)
16) The Drippers – The Monetary Selection (VV.AA – Demolition Derby vol.2, 2020)


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