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Ho scoperto questa Netlabel quasi per caso girando su internet e devo essere sincero me ne sono innamorato. Tanto per darvi un’idea ecco come si presentano.
“Per cominciare, bisognerebbe introdursi con una citazione di Richard Stallman, che una volta disse: “[…] Per capire il concetto, bisognerebbe pensare alla “libertà” come in “libertà di parola”, non come in “birra gratis” “. Tenendo conto che parla di software libero, vorremmo applicare questo atteggiamento nei confronti della “musica gratis “. Quindi, tutte le canzoni che sono disponibili sulle nostre pagine non sono solo liberi nel prezzo. Portano la libertà di condividere, di remix e, naturalmente, per ascoltare ovunque, quando e come ti piace.”

ahhh records

beh io e, penso tutta la truppa condivide al 100% questo modo di pensare ed e’ per questo che abbiamo fatto qualche domanda a Christian di Aaahh Records.

ahhh records

A brief history of your netlabel ..
Aaahh-Records was founded in May 2008 when three of us worked at a college radio station in Bielefeld (Hertz 87,9). There we got in touch with many artists, booking & promotion agencies and labels (major and indielabels). We saw the way they worked and realized that we could actually do that aswell. There are tons of great artists out there and nobody knows them. We want the world to listen to great music and we want the artists to get as much attention as possible. We just love to put out great music! Thats about it really. Thats why we started aaahh-records. It’s simple. Now we are six people spread all across Germany (Berlin, Bielefeld, Hamburg, Cologne and Leipzig).

How do you choose your artists?
Sometimes one of us stumbles upon an artist via myspace, sometimes artists contact us. First of all, everyone of the aaahh-crew has to like the music. We discuss every artist via skype and decide as a group. The music has to be free (creative commons licensed) because we believe in an open and free society and culture. And we believe that free music actually helps the artists, too. Because this way people are allowed to copy, share and redistribute the music legally, which helps to build a fanbase. But we also offer music in a physical state. There are CDs and hopefully soon there will also be vinyl availabe via aaahh records. Another important thing is the live performances – our artists have to be able to play live shows. If an artist matches with these points (high quality music, freedom in music, physical appearance via CD/vinyl and live performance) we will work something out.

Your catalog differs from 80% of which are netlabel network. Your release will focus on flok / pop / music. In future could also be productions of different types?
The most important thing for us is the possibility of a live performance. As long as the music can be performed on a stage (solo or as a band) we don’t restrict our label to a certain sound or colour. We like different kinds of music and we listen to different types of music and genres, so yes – in the future there might be some thrashmetal-dancehall-freejazz-grime coming around the corner and we say: “AAAHH! Lets put it out, it’s awesome!” We do not want our music to stay online only. We want people to experience the music live, too. The netlabel is just a tool for spreading music. The real thing is the live performance.

Do you have any Netlabel to advice to the readers of
There are tons of netlabels we love. But these ones you should not miss: 12rec, Peppermill Records, Error-Lofi, Delhotel Records, 23seconds, Upitup.

Not think that the netlabel are the logical consequence of the tape – label of the 90s?
Well, there are some similarities, i think. The DIY-attitude for example. But nowadays it’s much easier to get the music out there. You are not limited to a tape and copying the music doesn’t take you realtime. It’s just a matter of seconds. This is the best part of it.

-Ever-more ‘netlabel often give the opportunity’ to buy CD of their artists. it will give you ‘labels to help offset costs at least in future?
We are a no-budget label. We do not put any money into the label (apart from the servercosts) and we like it this way. Because this way you don’t feel any commercial pressure. As soon as you think about making money, you start to release music in a different way. You don’t release music you love, you release music you think other people are willing to pay for. We do not sell any CDs. We only link to the artist-website, where people can order a CD. The money goes directly to the artist. 100% – no intermediaries. Aaahh records is a hobby and full of passion. And we are not thinking about to change the way we release the music in the near future.

Say what you want…
Copy and share our music, tell your friends about it, visit shows and get in touch with the artists, if you want them to come to your town. Tell them if you like their music! If you want to support them, buy some good old CDs or donate some money to our artists. This will also help to make them do what we all love: great music!

The Wind Whistles

Entertainment For The Braindead

Keyboard Rebel


Emilie Lund

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