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logo dooweet agency

Dooweet was launched by Christophe SOUSA in March 15th 2012 following up two years of active work

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Suspiria Records is a young independent Metal label. Suspiria was founded in 2011, as part of the promoter Breaking Producións, with the intention of providing quality bands to the scene, bands that stand out for their youth and their great potential. Suspiria has an extensive experience with concerts with bands like Obituary, Suidakra, Pestilence, The …

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Sliptrick Records was founded in 2007 by a group of music & entertainment business professionals as a debuting artists incubator, right now it comprises an array of businesses aimed at helping artists achieve long-term creative and financial success while providing consumers with the highest-quality music content available. Most successful titles of the label include Scandinavian, …

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5ive Roses Press è un agenzia di promozione europea creata nel 2007 da Julien Fernandez (Chevreuil, Africantape). L’agenzia lavora pincipalmente in Italia, Francia, UK, Germania e Benelusso. Negli ultimi anni hanno collaborato con le etichette Monotreme Records, Fat Cat, Kill Rock Stars, Load, Temporary Residence, Polyvynil, Aagoo, La Tempesta Internazionale, Ghost Records, e con gli …

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Old Bicycle Records

Old Bicycle Records (a small label living in Piazzogna, Switzerland) it’s a five-year project. Born in 2011 to produce Mexico, the second full lenght by italian band Sparkle in Grey. Grows through the time, initially with the Tape Crash Serie, a split project involving international bands and artists from Andrew Seal/Praying For Oblivion to Mike …

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logor solitude produtcion

The Solitude Productions label was founded in July 2005 for promotion of mainly Russian doom metal varying within wide range from traditional to funeral doom. The reason for label foundation lies behind the fact that many underground bands within doom metal frames create excellent music, but experience problems with finding the label, because no so …

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area pirata records

Area Pirata è una label che nasce nel 2001 per muoversi in territori Garage, R’n’R, ma anche HC-Punk ed OI! Sia ristampando materiale inedito/irreperibile di grandi, anche se talora sconosciute band degli ’80, che dando supporto alle band di base che sono sulla scena ora! Pensavamo allora, come adesso, che la nostra attitudine e la …

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Wormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 7 years ago. The label is distributed worldwide by Aural Music Group , its pulishing division is administered by WARNER / CHAPPELL MUSIC through a worldwide deal, and digital distribution / marketing is managed by the american corporation The Orchard Inc worldwide. Among many …

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logo garage records

Garage Records nasce nel 2010, senza pretese e senza esperienza ma con l’entusiasmo di voler dare una finestra di visibilità alle tante piccole realtà musicali di qualità che ci circondano nel territorio di Treviso In breve tempo ci siamo riusciti, così bene che riceviamo richieste di collaborazione da tutta Italia L’idea di fondo è la …

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logo record kicks

Set up by Nick Record kicks in 2003, RECORD KICKS is a Milan based independent record label home to home acts such us CALIBRO 35, The BLUEBEATERS, HANNAH WILLIAMS & The TASTEMAKERS, THIRD COAST KINGS, The LIBERATORS, NICK PRIDE & The PIMPTONES, TRIO VALORE, DOJO CUTS, SOULSHAKER & Let’s BOOGALOO compilations and many more. Record …

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MFL-RECORDS is a Russian non-commercial label, created by Moscow musicians and making part of MOSCOW FUNERAL LEAGUE. Our main tasks are support and promotion of death doom and funeral doom bands. ​

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